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JelloJello - One Kill Set (Peel off base + Remover)

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JelloJello - One Kill Set

This needs no introduction! Jello Jello Peel off base provides long retention for weeks.

To remove, simple apply a few drops of remover onto each nail and let it sit for 5 mins. Slowly pry the edge off with wood stick and apply more drops if needed. Save time on filing!

** Note: Please use peel off base only on natural nails, not as an adhesive to nail tips. If using tips, using peel off base followed by adhesive gel then tips

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Customer Reviews

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A must have. Highly recommend.

ive been using this for dip powder nails... awesome!!

you have to be very careful as its not its primary use - but it has made my dip powder manicure so easy to remove. love it,.


Didn’t work as well as I would’ve liked however I’ve only tried it once so will give it another go

Henna Uddin
Wish I had this sooner

I was so excited that I could buy this base coat in the UK from kkookie. I wear gel x extensions and I absolutely have drilling and soaking off. The jello jello works a treat at easily removing nails without any residue and damage to the nails

Elo Esezobor
Pretty good

I’ve only used one other peel off base before so don’t have much to compete it to but overall this seems to be a very good product.
The only thing to be awear of is that the longer your nail beds are, the more oil and work you’re going to need to get it off.
The damage to the natural nail is minuscule and although nail tips pop off more easily, regular 5coats of base,colour,top gel comes off nicely too